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PTFE Guidewire

Disposable Guidewire consists of stainless steel guidewire and PTFE coating.

  • Intended Use

  • Features

It is used to introduce catheters or other instruments in radiology diagnosis and interventional operation.

1. The coated guidewire adopts special PTFE coating technology to increase the smoothness of the guidewire, reducing friction coefficient and thrombosis, which is convenient for doctors to operate;
2. Memory design of J-tip would not  deform after multiple straightening. Improved material body design can enhance body hardness and is easier to control when inserting, reducing the risk of guidewire breakage;
3. The coated guidewire is composed of two parts: stainless steel inner core and outer spiral wound inner core. This kind of structure can make the coated guidewire have strong elasticity and toughness, which is good for it to bend in all directions of the blood vessel without breaking;
4. The good combination of the soft tip and the moderate hardness of the core wire makes the coated guidewire have good passing performance and tracking performance.